Avon Engineers was established in the year 1980, with the intentions of serving its countrymen, by providing them quality Control Panel Accessories. Since 1980, the company is promoted by technocrats; who have thrived to excellence through design and development. The religion of working of all the personnel of the Avon group is customer orientation.

We Strive to Deliver Quality Products and Services as per Committed Delivery Schedules to Our Customers and Ensure Entire Product Quality Satisfaction as per the Universally Accepted Quality Standards of Products.

The afore-mentioned policy reflects the importance that Avon personnel give to the quality of products and delivery schedules. The quality standards set for the Avon range of products fully comply with the standards set and accepted universally. (The standards are specified in the product features of each of the products). At Avon , the quality standards are met by thorough inspection of all inputs, intermediate inspection during assembly and performance of batch or individual quality tests whichever is essential. Avon has a fleet of well-established vendors, who are equally quality conscious. The balance between good quality and higher productivity is maintained by continuous R&D activities. The R&D activities result in quality products with improved working mechanism, longer life and better reliability.

We at Avon have our own in-house research and development proceeds which helps the creation of innovative and customer friendly products. Designs and Drawings are made with the help of computers, for repeated accuracy and easy reference. Accuracy is extended in the procedure of manufacturing dies and moulds with the use of machining process like Spark erosion, Wire cutting on CNC machines. Extension of the life of dies and moulds is done by the implementation of vacuum hardening processes. "All is well that ends well", but in manufacturing if the start is not well then the end cannot be well. To start well a company requires good vendors which we at Avon are privileged to have. All inputs to the company pass through elaborate and strict quality checks to prevent any wastage of time, rework and labor dedication. All finished products too, under go high standard quality tests. We at Avon have in - house facilities for high voltage breakdown and product life testing upto 10 million cycles. All this is supported with the never-ending efforts of Continuous Training and Information up - gradation of Staff & Personnel.

All the implementation of various policies and procedures, is done on wide spread production space available at (i) Andheri, (ii) Vasai, Mumbai, India.

For the convenience of our customers, Avon is supported by dedicated and well-established sales network all over India. This sales network not only ensures a prompt delivery at ones doorsteps but also ensures good after sales services.

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