Push Button is a control switch having an actuator intended to be operated by force exerted by a part of the human body, usually the finger or palm of the hand, and having stored energy (spring) return. The Key Actuators can only be operated as long as a key remains inserted & An Emergency Stop is a push button with spring return, but which remains in the actuated position until a latch is released by a separate action.

Standard Luminous
Lockable with Key Lockable without Key

Contact Element consists of parts, fixed and moveable, conducting and insulating, of a control switch necessary to close and open one single conducting path of a circuit.

For Rear Connection For Front Connection

Lamp Holders are devices that by lighting or extinguishing give information through light signals.

For Rear Connection For Front Connection

Pilot Lens Assembly, is a lens installed unit illuminated with a lamp holder to indicate the status of any process.

Pilot Lens Assemblies

Limit Switches are electrical devices used to control the extent of motion of any part of an electrical machine.

For Open Execution In Housings with Push Rod Actuation
In Housings with Roller Levers Accessories

Mini Limit Switches are Miniatures of the afore mentioned series of Limit Switches .

For Open Execution In Housings with Push Rod Actuation
In Housings with Roller Lever In Housings with Top Push Roller Lever

These products collectively are used in the manufacture of Lighting Fittings.

Holders & Clamps End Pieces
Connectors Seats

This section answers the technical questions regarding manufacturing, quality standards etc., of AVON products.

Of Push Buttons Of Contact Elements
Of Lamp Holders Of Limit Switches

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